Awaken the Time

Awaken the Time is an adventure-fantasy game that takes place in different time periods.
It is in the Early-access stage on the Steam platform.
The Awaken The Time game is created by Gacriva Studio, with 2 developers, and only one marketer.
We appreciate any feedback, and help is welcome, information, or services, even REVIEW
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Awaken The Time will be divided into 5 acts.

Act 1
At first you will be in a maze, and you do not know the external reasons for your situation, being at your fingertips to discover.
You will be guided by a flying sphere like a friend.
Also here you will meet various enemies.

Act 2
Just wake up and realize that you are in the present, and everything was a dream. After an earthquake you will see the dream friend who will teleport you into the future.

Act 3.
You mistakenly end up in a post-apocalyptic future.
In this act you will use various modern weapons.
Here you will discover an abandoned archeological excavation, re-entering the ruins of the dream labyrinth.

Act 4
Due to a mistake made by your friend, you wake up near a bunker on an unknown island where you find a very advanced suit with which you can manipulate time.
Having only a few memories of what happened at that moment.

That being said, we will keep the surprise element intact so that it can be fully revealed in the final version.
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