Cowardly Heroes

Cowardly Heroes is a free fun arcade casual game for mobile devices.

It features many challenges, fun twists and the cherry on top of the cake is its pixel-art style. The game
was completely based on the awesome world of pixel-art!

It has an unique style with hand-made mechanics and a dedicated developer that follows and
listens to all given feedback while using it to improve the game!

Pixel-art games is a popular topic all over the web and there are a lot of communities dedicated
to it, this is a big reason why I picked pixel art as the art style for my game. I already have a
following of people ready for the release of the game and already had game testers test the
game and return with feedback so its ready to release.

The game is not live and is releasing around the end of October (date is not fixed in any way,
merely an estimate).
We would love for you to play our game and give your opinion about it!

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