Dragon Banner

Dragon Banner is a video game of strategy and building. It is built from the love of building blocks and real-time strategy games. Dragon Banner is created by one person over the course of seven years, working on it here and there.

In Dragon Banner you take on the role of a commander. You hire villagers to gather or generate resources, build defenses to protect them, and hire an army to fight alongside you. You will customize a town as your headquarters, where you take on quests and purchase equipment to alter your command style.

The Skull Queen controls all the land, but her skeleton army is full of bullies. Play as Arc and recruit villagers and warriors, uniting under the dragon banner. Arc shares an unusual bond with a dragon spirit. Discover what became of dragons! If you show strength, the people will rise up with you. Build a town as your base of operations. Embark on a campaign to overthrow the Skull Queen, gaining new allies and tools along the way.

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