Evil Bank Manager

We are preparing a new PC economic strategy that will be available on November 9 (for early access), and on December 8 it will be ready for a full launch. Would be great if you could spend some time with it and express your opinion.

The game is very different from what is on the market, so we can not tell about our USP in a classic way.

Main slogan: "What could be better than having a million? Have a hundred million? Billion? But this will not give you complete power over the world. Your goal is not to make a lot of money - your goal is to get control of money. Start printing them. Only by becoming a Federal Reserve System will you become great!"

About the game: The player is a banker in the 16th century. The player can buy-sell property, extract resources, trade them on the exchange. An important element is the search for investment proposals, issuing loans to the public, knocking out debts from debtors. In addition, a large part of the game is participation in wars and politics. A player can tease governments of different countries to start wars to earn on it. Selling weapons to warring countries, sponsoring mercenaries, conducting sabotage against competitors - and all this against the backdrop of the dramatic events of the 16th century.
There are two main goals in the game - to gain control over the International Monetary Fund or to become the Federal Reserve System. The main goal is not to get a lot of money - but start printing them.

On the 9th of November we will have the functionality described above. Two hundred countries with which the player can interact, 4 factions of Western Europe for which the player can start the game.
By the 8th of December, another option to achieve victory will be additionally ready (the third option), and also 4 Asian factions have been added for which the player can play. In addition, we will add the emergence of historical countries as a result of revolutions.


We hope that such an unusual game will decorate your channel and make it even more attractive for completely different types of players.

Sincerely yours,
Hamsters Gaming

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