Kika & Daigo: A Curious Tale

Kika & Daigo: A Curious Tale is a local split-screen co-op game where a girl and her fluffy corgi go on an adventure to find her lost grandpa. In order to find her grandpa, Kika has to look for clues that grandpa left behind. In this game, one player plays as the girl and the other as the corgi. In this adventure, you will find many obstacles and different level settings in order to unite yourself with grandpa again.

To solve the mystery, teamwork is essential. Kika & Daigo: A Curious Tale focuses on teamwork in order for the players to progress through the levels. Both players have different abilities that will help to solve the mystery.

Use her umbrella as a trampoline in order to help Daigo reach new heights
Turn & twist in order to get the right combinations
Wanna climb ladders? We got them!
Pee & poop on everything. EVERYTHING
Give items to Kika to help you out!
Use the dog treats to go faster than ever before

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