Steampirates: Rin's Story

Steampirates: Rin’s Story is a Pirate Manager, with a mixture of RPG, VN and dating sims for iOS and Android. Take a role of the main adviser and strategist of Rin Breaker to secure her greatness and help her to change the World into a better place. You make all tactical decisions like team management, shopping, crafting, etc.

While being the strategist of Steampirates, there are many things you can do in the game:
- Manage your crew
- Develop Steampirates and make them world famous
- Build the swimming pirate city of Freedom
- Become a conqueror and fight for the Freedom of people all around the World
- Craft weapons that meet your needs
- Face the consequences of your deeds and the changes they make to the World
- Improve friendships or even start romantic relations with other characters
- Win battles not only by grinding, but also by using brains to trick enemies or make them change their minds with social skills

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