TetraBlaster is a fast-paced puzzle game that offers a fun twist on the classic block game made popular by Tetris. Instead of simply rotating and moving the falling blocks with the controls, TetraBlaster challenges players to “blast” the falling blocks to form the desired shape or to move them into the best position. The game features addictive gameplay with a variety of different skins, themes, leaderboards, and other rewards to let players enhance their gameplay experience. TetraBlaster is one of those games that’s easy to play but takes some practice to master.

As you clear lines to advance your score and level, the speed of the falling blocks increases accordingly to keep players on their toes. This is where the twist of “blasting” really challenges players to stay a few steps ahead and think fast about where to aim and shoot. TetraBlaster scratches that itch that players look for in a casual mobile game – one they can pick up and play for a few minutes to pass time, or for hours as they try to beat their high score.

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