A completely new type of Solo or 2 to 4 player turn-based intelligent strategy game,
complete with varied gameplay modes and a built-in Level Editor!

TetraLogical is the Launch release from Japster’s Cavern - a challenging, fun and never-before seen spin on classic turn-based puzzle/strategy board games, which can be played either relaxed or timed, in either Solo or Competitive / Versus mode (against both human, and/or a selection of (so far!) 21 challenging AI players!).

Gameplay: 1-4 Players take turns to try and score the highest move possible with their currently allocated
Tetramino by careful placing and/or rotating on the board/layout, with any scoring tiles being removed from play. Once
the current layout is exhausted, and no more moves are possible with ANY possible piece, then (if selected) the
computer will initiate a one-time DOWNFALL per game, possibly freeing up a few more moves and affecting the
outcome a little!

Time-limited move modes turn up the pressure for beating your opponents and getting maximum Efficiency / IQ scores,
with an additional BLITZ / DEADLINE mode coming very soon! TetraLogical also features a varied and stunning
soundtrack to play along to, included by kind permission of legendary artist SKAVEN / Peter Hajba!

Currently available as Early Access on the STEAM platform, for Microsoft Windows (with Mac
and Linux versions to follow shortly, and later on, iOS and Android mobile versions), but already receiving very
favourable reviews from both players and curators on Steam and Youtube, TetraLogical is
frequently updated with new game modes, levels, achievements and challenges, and players are already racking up
100’s of hours between them, even without the imminent online multi-player mode in place!

The game already features over 40 of the planned 400+ built-in levels, with leaderboards for each, almost 100
meaningful / challenging achievements to beat, Leaderboards, and the ability to create (and later, download/share) up to 499 user
levels (of which the best TetraLogical Community-rated ones will appear in FREE downloadable updates / DLC) :)

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