UEDI: Shadow of the Citadel

Players take control of a hot-headed reporter named UEDI (pronounced ‘Weddy’), as she infiltrates a world placed on interplanetary lockdown by its ruling dictator Hazuki. Hunting for both an estranged friend and the inside-story on Hazuki's nefarious plans, which are locked deep within his impenetrable citadel, UEDI is thrown into a war. Her only hope for survival is to join the rebellion.
Will UEDI emerge enlightened or will she be forever trapped in the shadow of Hazuki’s citadel?
UEDI is an outsider in this strange world, bold and head-strong but also in over her head. As her abilities develop so does her personality and her relationships with the rebels.
Experience love, loss, growth and sacrifice delivered through a motion-captured story.
Engage in real-time combat with enemies that react tactically to your actions.
Unlock new abilities, suits and weapons then overclock them to unleash their true power.
Loot rations and craft supplies to top up your health, electrolytes and NanoSuit power.
Spend more time in game and less time in menus by seamlessly switching between NanoSuit presets for the perfect combination of tech for any situation.
On foot or on wheels, explore approximately 15 miles² (39 km²) of hand-crafted anime-styled open world.
Plunder abandoned structures, fend off rogue mechanical hordes, fix and maintain vehicles and craft items in a bid for survival.
Enter labyrinthine facilities, solve puzzles and battle bosses to emerge more powerful than before.
Customise UEDI’s clothes, hair and makeup to become the most stylish badass around.
Photograph UEDI in key locations and document the realities of Hazuki’s World for her truth-telling blog in a bid to reveal all.

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